This & That

This morning, twenty to seven, there was a huge crack of thunder which woke me up, and somehow the first thing my mind started thinking about was Neil Sedaka’s “Laughter in the Rain.  Chris and I sometimes joke about Neil Sedaka/ Paul Anka because in our minds, they are the same person (a.k.a. Neil Sedanka).  But I confess a little affection for “Laughter in the Rain” because it is sweet, and with all this rain we’re having lately, it seems appropriate, especially because everyone else is so cranky that it keeps raining, and Chris and I just love it.  We talk about moving to Oregon where it rains 200+ days a year, but I could never live that far away from my Mom.

Today I have great plans of doing some painting.  The one problem with the rain is that since the air is so dampy, it may make the paint dry unevenly, and with acrylics, that’s a critical issue because the last thing I want to do is to use some paint that’s started to turn plastic before I need it to–suddenly, paint you think is smooth and blendable on the canvas has an unexpected, unwanted rubbery texture that messes things up.  The solution to that, though, is to put less paint on on my palette, so that if it winds up being a while before I think to use a specific color, and it’s already started to turn plasticy, it won’t be a big waste.

Speaking of paintings, I’ve got several that I need to glaze, but the weather has just not been cooperating for the last several weeks–you can’t spray gloss on pictures if the air is humid, either–there is a chance the gloss will cloud or dry unevenly/ bubble.  What we need are several bright, clear, low-humidity days.  (Although, I’d rather it rain; there’s no hurry to glaze.)

I’ll write more later on after I’ve accomplished something. 😉

Going Public

I have had many secret blogs over the years–some less secret than others, as it turns out, to my everlasting horror–but I’ve decided that if I want to be a Real, Professional, Working Poet (TM), then I need to have a public space where I can advertise my sublime poetic doings… as well as discuss  some more quotidian efforts of the writing process.

Those of you who have read my SBs (secret blogs) and prefer their “bitch darkness” and dirt, never fear, they still exist, and I will, of course, periodically update them.  But here I want to focus on poetry and writing, as well as my responses to articles and poetry I’ve read.

It’s time to get serious.  I will never be a famous poet if I continue to lollygag my life away. 😉

I hope you like what you read.  If you do, leave me a comment.  If you don’t, leave me one anyway.  Because I’m open-minded like that.