What’s the Point?

I don’t think anything I’m writing is worthwhile.  I don’t feel like I’m growing as a poet.  I’ve just… had it.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. You can’t measure growth in terms of days. But you can take a few days off to read & relax & refill the wells. I know you have this deadline on the 15th, but a day or three won’t hurt, and could help you review things refreshed. Sounds like you could use a break!

  2. Also, an afterthought:

    I know writing to a deadline is a useful exercise, but don’t beat yourself up over not striking gold while you’re sprinting along!

    When I first came across your blog, you were doing the postcards. I remember being really impressed that you were writing to a schedule. I could never do that! Try working at your own pace. Creativity won’t be forced.

    Cheer up, Charlie.

  3. Uh-oh, pity party time at JC’s house. When it’s not working, step back, read a book, go to a movie, hang out with friends/family…do something else and put some distance between yourself and the work. It sounds like your trying to force something that’s not ready to come.

  4. Tolstoy said something similar after he wrote War and Peace. Whenever I feel dried up, I journal, vent kvetch, rant, scribble. And drink. Just kidding about that part. Collin’s right, go have some fun.

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