Basho Frog Haiku Parody

So, another area of my lack-of-knowledge is Asian poetry.  Bob Wood mentioned in his comment to the last post that another parody of  Basho’s frog in pond poem “won’t hurt anyone,” so here it is:

Frog jumps on old rug/ Cat sniffs, licks lips; frog tremors/ sound of Jenny’s gulp.

The sad thing is, that’s not even a good parody.   Bob’s comment didn’t specify it had to be a good one, but parodies need to be good.  Oh well.

In other news I have little bits of several poems.  I’m not giving up on the postcards, but I’ve been a little distracted.  I thought once registration was over, I’d be focused, but not so much.

(Oh, and in case you didn’t read the last post, the cats didn’t get the frog, if you were worried.)

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