Karen Head on the 4th Plinth Tomorrow

One of my best friends (and a terrific poet) is Karen Head, who has been teaching over in GT’s Oxford Program this summer.  I don’t know how she was selected, but she was one of 2400 hundred people chosen to participate in the Fourth Plinth program by One and Other in Trafalgar Square, where, for 100 days and 24 hours a day, a person can stand on top of it and do whatever she wishes for her hour.  Karen will be on the Plinth from noon to one, Eastern Time tomorrow, and she will be broadcasting a Twitter-based poetry project.

She sent us the details this evening in an e-mail.  Apparently, she will basically create an Exquisite Corpse poem, where she will alert one of her specific Twitter followers to contribute the next line of the poem.  She will be transcribing everything on her computer and reading it aloud.  She will also periodically call on people in the audience around the Plinth to contribute lines, so it should be quite an amazing poem, I think, when it’s done.  I hope the lines I contribute won’t suck!

Even more amazing, Time Magazine will be covering her hour!

Read more about Karen’s project in the AJC.

See a live webcam of the Plinth.

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