Going Public

I have had many secret blogs over the years–some less secret than others, as it turns out, to my everlasting horror–but I’ve decided that if I want to be a Real, Professional, Working Poet (TM), then I need to have a public space where I can advertise my sublime poetic doings… as well as discuss  some more quotidian efforts of the writing process.

Those of you who have read my SBs (secret blogs) and prefer their “bitch darkness” and dirt, never fear, they still exist, and I will, of course, periodically update them.  But here I want to focus on poetry and writing, as well as my responses to articles and poetry I’ve read.

It’s time to get serious.  I will never be a famous poet if I continue to lollygag my life away. 😉

I hope you like what you read.  If you do, leave me a comment.  If you don’t, leave me one anyway.  Because I’m open-minded like that.

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